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Brunch places are all the rage nowadays, and Awesome Brew is a place that is perhaps a .perfect example of that. With delicious food and good coffee, this is one of those places that you really just want to go to for a good pick-me-up in the morning!

Awesome Brew Citrine Hub

Is it Halal?

I BELIEVE that this is a halal restaurant - no pork is on the menu, and there are a lot of reviews from Malay patrons. I’m not particularly sure if they have the actual halal certification though.

Where it Is?

Awesome Brew is located on the first floor of Citrine Hub (same floor as Morganfield’s, Teumsae Korean Restaurant and Mr DIY), on the floor that houses Jaya Grocer. Citrine Hub is a new shopping area beside Sunway International School.

Parking is free for now, and there is an outdoor parking as well as an indoor parking (both free). I highly recommend just parking underground, as it rains quite frequently. Just take a left when you see the main lobby of Citrine Hub, and you’ll head to the underground parking.


Address: 1-19, First Floor, Citrine Hub, Sunway Citrine, Sunway Iskandar, Persiaran Medini 3, Bandar Medini Iskandar, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor

Operating Hours

Daily: 9am to 9pm

Awesome Brew Breakfast Brunch

What it Costs

I would personally say that one of the biggest downsides about Awesome Brew would be the prices on the menu itself. These are breakfast sets that aren’t going to come cheap, with all of their all-day breakfast options coming at around RM30 (what I personally had was the ‘Breakfast’ option on the menu, which is RM30 - they increased the prices recently).

They’ve got avocado on toast (also RM30), a few other breakfast options, pastas, pancakes, salads, overnight oats and even Korean fried chicken, if you’d like! You can take a look at the menu by clicking on the link here, but please do note that they increased the prices on most of their dishes recently. Their new menu is right below here, but might not be too clear.

Awesome Brew Citrine Hub Menu

I got a simple breakfast set coming in at RM30 (paid RM33 with tax), but I’ve previously tried the nutella banana pancake on a previous visit as well. Coffees here are around RM10-15, depending on what you order.

Awesome Brew Ham

How it Tastes

You can’t deny that the quality you get from these types of restaurants is still really good. In my breakfast set, you’ve basically got a combination of the following: chicken ham, sausages, button mushroom, scrambled egg, mashed potato and two pieces of wholemeal bread.

What I will say first would be that this is a ridiculously well balanced breakfast. Whether it is meant for 1 person’s consumption, may be up to you, but I managed to finish this by myself fairly comfortably.

The tastes inside there are really good. I PERSONALLY thought the best elements to the dish were the scrambled egg together with the bread, and probably the meats. The bread goes SO WELL together with that silky smooth scrambled eggs.

Mushrooms, tomatoes, and such are probably what you expect, but it still all goes together to make a really cohesive breakfast meal.

The pancakes here are REALLY good, but probably not the best option for breakfast. Whilst the pancakes itself are really light but fluffy, the nutella sauce and the fruits that they lay on top mean that this is really what is going to make you feel that sugar crash later on in the day. But really good for desserts.

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Suitable For…

A nice weekend brunch. If you wake up a little later, this place is the perfect place to get your brunch fix. I personally think that this restaurant isn’t even aimed particularly at Malaysians, but rather Singaporeans who come into Johor to take advantage of that exchange rate, so I would say at SGD10 for a breakfast set, this is probably a steal compared to whatever you’ll find in Singapore!

Awesome Brew Breakfast

Star Rating

7/10. Torn between giving it a bit higher or not, but I think 7/10 is a good spot. I would give it higher marks if it was perhaps not so difficult for my wallet to swallow, but this is a place that serves quality food using fresh ingredients. My previous visit here was associated with quite a long wait time (a complaint which is synonymous with few others on their Facebook page), so do take note of that, but otherwise, this is a great place to get brunch near the Malaysia-Singapore border.