What to Eat at Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar? | Best Restaurants Citrine Hub

Citrine Hub is a newly developed shopping area with lots of food offer. Wondering what food there is? Here’s a comprehensive look into all the food available at Citrine Hub, Sunway Iskandar.

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A few of the restaurants at Citrine Hub are restaurants that I’ve tried, so do click on them if the links are available, if you’d like a more complete review of the respective restaurants.


Every nice shopping mall needs a nice Western restaurant that everyone’s familiar with, and Citrine Hub is no exception! Morganfield’s is arguably the biggest household name in Citrine Hub, and serves up succulent barbecue pork ribs, sandwiches and hearty beef burgers!

Suitable For: Nice, casual/more comfortable types of dinner. They have some decent lunch sets from time to time as well. Probably one of the cheaper dinner options in the mall. WESTERN FOOD.

Restaurant VOiD

I talked about the biggest household name (Morganfield’s) earlier, and now I’m moving onto what is arguably the most upmarket restaurant here. Restaurant VOiD is the brainchild of Chef Shawn Shum, and it is probably up there as one of the premiere dining experiences in Malaysia.

VOiD serves up a fusion of Japanese and French food, serving it up in both Omakase and a-la-carte options. The pastries offered here look REALLY good as well!

Suitable For: REALLY nice occasions. A dinner here will probably cost in the region of RM200 per person, so do be ready for that if you do decide to dine here. That being said, this is a fantastic restaurant with a beautiful interior which probably makes the price more than worth it. (Personally really interested to try this restaurant) WESTERN-JAPANESE fusion (Omakase/A-la-carte both available)

Awesome Brew


I’ve talked about a few dinner places, now I’ll be sharing a breakfast/brunch options for you guys to consider. Awesome Brew is a Western style brunch place offering an assortment of different toast options, pancakes and a few pasta options. This is a picture-esqure cafe that you can get your coffee fix, as well as fill that Instagram feed!

Suitable For: A morning pick-me-up! Excellent ingredients with a fantastic combination of flavours! Not really for dinner or a more heavy lunch, but definitely the best breakfast/brunch option in Citrine Hub. WESTERN food.

Teumsae Korean Restaurant


A Korean restaurant serving up most of what you want (except barbecue meats) from any Korean meal. You’ve got many variations on Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew), Bibimbap, Kimbap, fried rice and even Korean fried chicken (which they actually have a separate restaurant on the side directly for - for Chimaek (combination of Korean fried chicken and beer).

Suitable For: A get-together among friends or family for a nice dinner meal! They’ve got starter dishes, lots of different drink options, and a fairly big menu for everyone to enjoy! KOREAN food.

Sushi House Restaurant

There’s got to be a Japanese restaurant in every nice mall, right? Sushi House is that very representative, serving up what I would personally describe as a very stereotypical Japanese meal. With sushi, ramen and rice bowls staples on their menu, Sushi House offers a decent meal at cheap to mid range prices.

Suitable For: Whenever you feel like having Japanese food. This is what I would probably describe as one of the cheaper Japanese options - but higher in quality than your Sushi King, Genki Sushi, etc. JAPANESE FOOD.

Pizz@ Citrine Hub


Still not that sure how to actually spell that name out, but this is personally one of my personal favourites at Citrine Hub. Probably just that little bit more expensive than your regular meal at Morganfield’s, Pizz provides excellent food with fantastic beverage pairings, meaning you will definitely be getting a fantastic meal.

Suitable For: A fancier dinner, or a dinner worth celebrating. Probably more suitable for date night rather than family night, but maybe that’s just me. Offers fusion of ITALIAN mixed in with other influences.

Heaven’s Door Bistro

The place you want to head to if you want live music, as Heaven’s Door provides that on occasion. I believe they initially started offering more Italian/Western options such as pastas, but lately I see them pushing more Chinese/Malay style dishes to try and increase their clientele. Price-wise I would say probably at the same level of what you would be paying if you went to Morganfield’s (sorry if you can’t really gauge with this XD).

Suitable For: Business lunch, or a relaxing dinner if you have a lot more time. Probably suits a lot of different occasions, depending on what your budget looks like.