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I was in Singapore for a few days recently for some family business, and I thought this was a great oppourtunity to look for some delicious food! I came across Clinton Street Baking Co. Restaurant, and I just knew it was a place I had to check out when I was there.

Clinton Street Baking Co Purvis Street Singapore

Is it Halal?

Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant is a non-halal restaurant - serves up chorizo and a few varieties of sausage, and is not halal certified. However, I think that their signature dishes, namely their blueberry pancakes and their waffles and fried chicken should be on the safe side. (But of course please eat at your own discretion)

Clinton Street Baking Co Specials

Where it Is?

It is located on Purvis Street, which is walking distance from Bugis Village. Personally for me, I like parking in Bugis Village and walking over, just because it is really near, and I have a bit more peace of mind regarding my parking. There is roadside parking available, but it is quite hard to obtain sometimes (I’m not sure if it is free).

If you walk from Bugis (or basically from the direction of the Library nearby), just enter Purvis Street and you’ll see quite a few upmarket restaurants, including Saveur (French Restaurant) and other cafes. It is definitely a more expensive food area in Singapore.

Address: Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant Singapore, 31 Purvis St, Singapore 188608


(You can find Bugis on the North side of the map, just drag it slightly - you can zoom on this map as well)

Operating Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8.30am to 6pm
Friday - Saturday: 8am to 9pm
Sunday: 8am to 6pm

What is Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant?

So, why are people even eating here? This is a place that pretty much sells you your New York classics. Want a big breakfast platter? You got it. From blueberry pancakes, to waffles, to Egg’s Benedict and waffles, this place pretty much has all you could possibly want from an American breakfast.

This restaurant in particular is famous, mostly in part of its association to the American branch of the same name. Clinton Street Baking Co. started in New York City, gathering international recognition - New York Magazine crowned them as having the BEST blueberry pancakes - in an already pancake-crazy city.

The husband and wife duo of Neil Kleinberg and Dede Lahman subsequently decided to bring their secret recipes over to Singapore, so the world can appreciate their blueberry pancakes!

Clinton Street Baking Co Interior Singapore

What it Costs

Definitely on the more expensive side of breakfasts for me, but I think that you’ll find that you’ll get your money’s worth. I personally had a blueberry pancake (SGD19) and a latte (SGD6), making my meal SGD29.43 (after an additional 10% service charge and 7% GST - SGD4.43).

What you will have to understand is that I almost don’t think that this blueberry pancake is meant for one! You basically have 3 pretty thick and fluffy pancakes that even someone like me (who probably would describe myself as a big eater if need be) struggled to finish it! (but then again, the guy next door ordered the pancakes and ADDED some bacon, so I don’t know, be your own judge, but be wary XD)

Just for reference, in their menu, they list the prices of the following dishes as such.

  • Spanish Scrambled Eggs (SGD21)

  • Huevos Rancheros (SGD21)

  • Farmer’s Plate (SGD22) - this is basically just your breakfast platter kind of meal

  • Egg’s Benedict (SGD20)

  • Brioche French Toast (SGD18)

Note, these are all prices which are correct as of time of writing, they are fully within their rights to change these prices. Take a full look at their menu by clicking on the link here!

Clinton Street Baking Co Purvis Street Blueberry Pancake

How it Tastes

Honestly, the pancakes are so freaking good. I mean I kind of expect it to be this soft, fluffy pancake, but it is a REALLY soft and fluffy pancake - WITH STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY!! (which I often find some pancakes lacking) The pancake can pretty much be eaten by itself - which is a testament to how good the pancake itself is, and not a suggestion that their maple butter sauce and blueberries are lacking in any possible way.

I feel like I personally couldn’t taste how much the icing sugar added to the dish, but the maple butter sauce goes REALLY well together with the pancakes, and the blueberries help you pretend that what you’re eating is at least slightly healthy. But jokes aside, the blueberries taste really rich and make for a fantastic complement to the pancakes.

Pancake and Coffee Flatlay

If you’re a coffee aficionado, this place only serves up double shot espressos, so this might not be the place that you guys will appreciate, but their coffee tastes decent. I’m not someone who consumes so much, but their latte is definitely a good pick-me-up for the day ahead.


Suitable For…

It is a slightly cramped space, so I don’t recommend coming here as a group of more than 5. I sat at the bar area simply because it was a busy day, and I went alone for this breakfast. It gets quite busy for lunch/brunch periods, so be wary of that - they have some pastas in their menu for the lunchtime crowd if that’s more your fancy.

Star Rating

8/10. Honestly, I wish I could have tried more from here. This place quite simply makes fantastic pancakes, and I guess unfortunately, that’s the full stop of what I can say about this place. But, I’ll definitely be back to this restaurant eventually, so hopefully I’ll be editing this restaurant review in the very near future!