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Affordable and tasty French food in Singapore may sound like a combination that doesn’t make sense, but you can get just that at Saveur Restaurant, Purvis Street in Singapore! From duck confit, to a fusion chilli crab pasta, the dishes offered you offer a creative twist to French cuisine.

Saveur Purvis Street Mushroom Soup French

Is it Halal?

No, this place is not halal, it serves numerous pork dishes on its menu (one of which is shown in the post somewhere below).

Saveur French Cuisine Singapore

Where it Is

It is a walking distance from Bugis Junction (I personally stayed in the Intercontinental and took a 5 minute walk over to Purvis Street), but it is basically on the left side (when turning in from the main road) and is opposite a Thai restaurant. (It is on the Ground floor)

Address: Saveur Restaurant, 5 Purvis St, #01-04, Singapore 188584


Operating Hours:

12-10pm daily

Salmon Confit Saveur Purvis Street

What it Costs

Context: I went there with my family (3 sisters and my dad) and we got a meal that I would say left us feeling satisfied with our meal (full, but not overly full, if you know what I mean). We got one of their dinner sets, which was SGD29.90. The set consists of an appetizer of choosing (we got salmon confit, top-up of SG2), a main (duck confit) and a dessert (we got a dark chocolate fondant cake that was a top up of SGD 4) - some things on the set have to be topped up because they are naturally more expensive.

Apart from that, we basically ordered ala-carte. We got a signature Saveur Pasta - which is basically with shrimp and kelp - (SGD10 if you want it the size of a main, cheaper for an appetizer size), their crispy pork belly (SGD18.90), a chilli crab squid ink pasta and the Steak au Poivre (SGD26.90).

Saveur Singapore Restaurant

Lastly, we got a mushroom soup (in a set with a soda as a drink) for SGD9.90.

The link of the menu can be found here.

The portions I would say are appropriate. In this kinds of restaurants I sometimes feel like I end up not eating anything at all due to the price and small portion sizes, but this is not one of those places where I feel that at all.

I would say that the service here is excellent as well. The steak actually came well done instead of medium initially. We told the staff, and they duly cooked a new one off for us (well, I must add) and gave us a truffle fry serving and pistachio panna cotta on the house! The entire meal was SGD142.89, so if you do the maths, that’s around SGD35 per person, which is well worth it for what you’re getting, in my personal opinion.

Crispy Pork Belly Saveur with Truffle

How it Tastes

Really good. My personal favourite was the crispy pork belly. It almost gave me a puzzle in my mouth, as to what it is supposed to taste like. I really like truffle infused food, so for me, that one is a winner, especially when you eat the dish as a whole together.

The chilli crab pasta works really well together as well! It is a bit on the spicy side when you eat certain components, but I wouldn’t have thought that the spicy chilli crab would go so well with the squid ink pasta. Both duck and the salmon confit were dishes that we all enjoyed, whilst I think the signature pasta definitely had an edge in the aesthetic department!

The desserts are deliciously prepared, and I’m a sucker for homemade ice cream, so I thought that the chocolate cake was tasty! The pistachio panna cotta (which I believe is a signature dish) was lovely as well. All in all, I have very nice things to say about this restaurant!

Saveur Singapore Steak

Suitable for …

A very narrow restaurant, I don’t really think this is the type of place for big get togethers, but rather smaller, more intimate meetups. Dates, family dinners and meetings with clients seem the most appropriate, in my personal opinion!

Chilli Crab Pasta Saveur Singapore

Similar to…

If you enjoyed Saveur, you can perhaps try Mad About Sucre. Although Mad About Sucre focus more on the dessert aspect, they serve a lovely lunch and dinner menu as well, so perhaps have a try of that if you enjoy Saveur!

Pistachio Panna Cotta

Star Rating


The classic plate to signify a good meal :)

The classic plate to signify a good meal :)

At this price in Singapore, this is a really good meal! The ambience feels nice and cozy, and the service is excellent. If you’re new to my blog, 9 and 10 is reserved for REALLY RARE restaurants (I haven’t even given a 9 away, but I HAVE given a 8.5), but this is a place that you SHOULD definitely have a try at.