Food Blog | NY Night Market at 313 Somerset

If there was a restaurant that fits the busy young and hip crowd at 313 @ Somerset, it would be NY Night Market. This Korean restaurant offers a nice spin on Korean cuisine with its selection of foods which blend Korean with New York themed dishes.

Cream the Curry, NY Night Market, 313@Somerset

Is it Halal?

No, NY Night Market has pork on its menu, as well as alcohol. It is a non-halal restaurant.

Where it Is

It had a corner lot at 313 @ Somerset. With regards to direction, the few landmarks you could try would be first of all Typo, and then finding the Mexican restaurant Barrio by Mex Out. Once you are facing that, go to your left, and keep walking straight until you reach the exit to the mall. It is right before the exit and on your right hand side.

Address: NY Night Market, 313 Orchard Road #01-29, 313@Somerset, Singapore 238895

Operating Hours:

8am-11pm Everyday except Friday and Saturday (both 8am-1am)

Steak NY Night Market Korean Restaurant

What it Costs

Context: My 2 sisters and my mum went there after a late breakfast, so we were just filling up our stomachs to last till dinner. Normally, I would say we can eat even more, but I would say we eat quite a lot as it is.

We had the Cream the Curry (SGD13.90), a steak and a seafood soup. I apologise XD, because I can’t quite remember the price of the other dishes, but similar steaks came in at SGD14.90, so if I’m not mistaken, it is pretty much SGD15 per dish.

Only mineral water served here, but overall the portions are pretty decent for what you’re paying. The only thing I will say is that for the seafood jjigae, the soup is at such a low level to the point where all the mussels are just sitting outside the water, which makes it look a little bit odd (the dish itself seems a bit odd).

Ny Night Market 313@Somerset

How it Tastes

What I’ll say is that don’t have the seafood jjigae (not sure whether it is called that, but it is basically the white colour soup with the mussels sticking out. Definitely feel like I’ve had much better elsewhere, but apart from that I really enjoyed the food.

The cream the curry, which is basically a combination of cream, curry and toppoki is an absolute winner! Loved the taste of it, and would say that it is worth trying for that alone. What makes it better is that when you have it together with that steak combined with that cream, it makes it even better!

The steak alone with the fries tastes good, but having that curry just to complete the dish definitely makes it better. So what I would say would be, if you would like anything, do order the CREAM THE CURRY and maybe another more protein based menu item.

(A sister of mine doesn’t particularly eat cheese, hence why no cheese dishes on the blog)

Shows how much we enjoyed that curry!

Shows how much we enjoyed that curry!

Suitable for…

The only thing I would say it wouldn’t be too suitable for, would be if you’re alone. Might not be the best place to go if you’re alone looking for a meal, because this is a much more ‘share-orientated’ kind of place. Great for big meet-ups (with reservation, because it is quite hard to get a seat).

Star Rating

6.5/10. Didn’t blow my mind, but was still a fairly enjoyable meal. If you like toppoki, this is a place for you to try it! I feel let down by a lot of toppokis, but this is definitely one that delivers in the flavour department, not to mention the insta-worthy nature of the Cream the Curry!