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You probably wouldn’t expect a Japanese restaurant selling fresh sashimi in a high rise above Orchard Central to have cheap prices, but that’s precisely what you’re getting at Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant!

Paying homage to the world renowned Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market has a very extensive menu that comprises of your more classic donburi bowls, to sashimi platters and more expensive cuts of meat with foie gras, etc.

Tsukiji Fish Market Japanese Restaurant Orchard

Is it Halal?

No, Tsukiji Fish Market in Orchard Central is a non-halal eatery.

Sashimi Platter Tsukiji Fish Market Orchard Central

Where it Is

Might be quite hard to find, especially if you didn’t even know you could go 12 stories up at Orchard Central. What you want to do would be to go to the lift beside Cold Stone Ice Cream in Orchard Central (quite near Uniqlo, has long queues, so it is pretty hard to miss). Then, you want to go to the 11th floor and look to your left.

There SHOULD be a Morganfields that you see. To the LEFT of the Morganfields, you will see an escalator. Just look around, and you’ll find a big Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant sign overhead.

Address: Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant, 181 orchard road, #12-02 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896


Operating Hours:

Weekdays: 12 to 2.30pm, 6 to 10pm
Saturday: 12 to 3pm, 4 to 10pm
Sunday: 12 to 3pm, 6 to 10pm

Tsukiji Fish Market Platter

What it Costs

Context: Went there with my family (dad, mum, 2 sisters and me) for dinner.

Overall, we ordered 10 things. (sorry, I’m trying to remember them all from the top of my head) I personally ordered the spicy tuna and salmon donburi bowl, my sisters got a chirashi don to share and my parents got 2 donburi bowls. In addition, we had a sashimi salad, a sashimi platter in the middle (with uni in the platter), a wagyu tataki (SGD14.80) and a Wagyu Yakiniku Jyu (SGD23.80). Can’t quite remember what the other 2 dishes were, but I think they were sashimi rolls of some sort (sorry about that!)

Tsukiji Fish Market Spicy Salmon and Tuna Rice Bowl

Ultimately, those things add up to SGD 204 (you can use FavePay and get 10% cashback on your next visit). So, it adds up to either around SGD40 a person (but you have a feast-worthy meal) or around SGD20 per dish ordered.

I think that is pretty cheap considering the portions are reasonable and the food is pretty fresh (although I’ve seen other reviews that see otherwise - I still think the food tasted pretty fresh, but not TOP tier).

Beef Tataki Orchard Central

How it Tastes

I can vouch for the spicy salmon and tuna rice bowl being an absolutely DELICIOUS rice bowl! The sauce is superb, and isn’t that usually very mayonaise tasting sauce that you sometimes get with spicy tuna rolls, so I thought that was pretty good.

The sashimi platter is pretty tasty, with the raw shrimp sashimi being my personal favourite. Can really taste the freshness of that shrimp! Theh rest of the meal is a bit so-so. The salad doesn’t knock my socks off (but not many salads in general do), the beef tataki was a bit underwhelming in the flavour department (not much in terms of flavour), but I personally liked the Wagyu Yakiniku, especially considering the price.

The wasabi is pretty strong, so that was quite nice to go with all the food.

Beef Yakiniku

Suitable for….

Pretty much anyone. Not too many tables for big gatherings (seems a bit cramped), but in general would be good for almost anything else (dates, meetings with colleagues, family dinners), especially considering you’re paying a pretty low price for a nice dinner.

Empty bowl = Happy Meal

Empty bowl = Happy Meal

Star Rating

7/10. I’ve definitely tasting higher quality Japanese food elsewhere, but this is a restaurant that offers a very extensive menu at a fairly low price point, when they are using (relatively) high quality ingredients. Worth a pop if you want a cheaper higher end Japanese restaurant to have dinner at!