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I think the only possible way to describe kuey chap would be that it is a dish that utilises every single possible part of a pig (meat, intestines, even the blood!) and mixes it in with a clean tasting soy sauce based broth to concoct a delicious combination.

Soon Lai Batu Pahat Kuey Chap

Soon Lai does just that in their stall right in the heart of Batu Pahat (on a really busy street that is bustling with people).

Is it Halal?

Please don’t tell me you asked me the question.

Kwey Chap Batu Pahat Soon Lai

Where it Is

It is located on Jalan Fatimah, one of the more prominent streets that you pretty much always pass by in order to get through the Batu Pahat town. It is on a corner lot, but I strongly suggest you just manoeuvre around the roads a little bit in order to get there, because it is a series of one way roads where it is located, so once you see it, just keep turning in order to find the best way to either park or get off your Grab car ride.

As with many places in Batu Pahat (I would say Batu Pahat is one of those places which has a LOT of lunch places, but kinda lacks with regards to quality dinner options, but I guess you guys can be your own judges for that), this is a place that is open exclusively for late brunches, or lunch.

Address: 6-C, Jalan Fatimah, Kampung Sateh, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor


Operating Hours:

Daily: 10:30am to 4pm (No rest days)

Soon Lai Batu Pahat Kuey Chap

What it Costs

What I would say first would be that mine is probably not a reflection of what most people will pay for here. I took quite a bit with regards to my order.

There are a few ways to go about eating here. For one, you can get a big bowl in the middle and share among maybe 4 people. This is a pretty good way to go if you want the cheapest way to eat here, I would say you could probably do this and get your price down to maybe RM6 per person.

But I think the more convenient way would be to just go up to the main counter individually and order things separately - payment before food comes.

My meal came in at RM13 (but please note that most of the other people who ate with me paid something more in the region of RM7-10 for their respective meals). So what RM13 gets me would be a portion of the rice flour noodles (kuey) - you can alternatively get white rice - and a plateful worth of intestines, pork meat and beancurd skin (each one has to be ordered in addition at the counter) and you get a beautiful mess. In addition the RM13 covers my Luo Han Guo as well.

Soon Lai Kuey Chap

How it Tastes

I’ve actually tried this restaurant twice, and I would say that I almost forgot how clean tasting it was. I think the BEST part of this dish is quite clearly in their broth. Their broth is just so smooth and easy on the tastebuds that I just want to keep drinking that uber fragrant broth!

I mean I’ve had better meat with regards to tenderness and taste, but it works really well with that broth. The intestines don’t taste as strong as other intestines I have tasted, so I think it is quite suitable for people who don’t really like it, just to try.

The noodles are SO yum. If anything I think that if you come here, don’t get the rice. Please don’t! The noodles are SO worth to get. Soft and you get more of their sauce! That’s pretty much the reason why you get the extra noodles as well.

At the end of the day, it comes to this. It is a really similar concept to another really delicious place in Batu Pahat - Ah Soon Zhu Zha Tang, but this one is a soy sauce based, and the other is a tomato based clear soup. So I would say these two are probably the MUST try lunch options in Batu Pahat, rather than all the wan tan mee/kolo mee.

Soon Lai Kuey Chap

Star Rating

7.5/10. I love eating here. Quite simply, YUM. Think this is an amazing place to enjoy your lunch.