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Today I’m sharing a cafe in Johor Bahru that is a bit more hidden, and it’s People & Places! It is a specialty brunch kind of restaurant that serves up delicious breakfast/brunch options for you to indulge on!

People & Places Johor Bahru

The background of the restaurant is Australian, with the Soon brothers and Alexa Ooi combining their palettes to bring an Australian breakfast concept (specifically Melbourne) to the Johor Bahru hipster cafe scene.

Is it Halal?

People & Places is NOT HALAL certified, but from what I understand from some net surfing, they do have both halal sourced ingredients and Muslim chefs in their staff, coupled with the fact that there is no pork on their menu. So, what I’m saying is that if you’re Muslim, do eat at your discretion.

People and Places Cafe Johor

Where it Is?

The best way to describe which area it is, would be it is generally in the Mount Austin area, but in a bit more ulu factory kinda area. Basically if you enter a lane with a few factories, you’re pretty much at the right place. It’s in a tall building, with the restaurant itself 2 levels (a really high 2 levels at that), although they normally only use the ground floor.

Address: 6, Jalan Kencana Emas 2/3, Perindustrian Tebrau lll Johor Bahru


Operating Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 10am - 6pm (Last order: 5pm)
Fri-Sun: 10am - 9pm (Last order: 8pm)

People & Places Englishman's Breakfast

What it Costs

So I think that the way I would describe this place would be big portions at a RM25 kind of price point (most of their dishes. So I think most people would describe that ‘round circular dish’ or something to that degree when they think about People & Places, and that would be the Quesadilla Brekkie. The Quesadilla Breakkie comes in at RM25.

The other dish that I shared when I visited the cafe was the Englishman’s Breakfast. It is just kind of what you expect from most of the breakfast platters, to be fair, I think it is very comparable to the one from Awesome Brew which I reviewed the other day. So this one came in at RM29.

As I mentioned before, maybe for someone like me who eats a little bit more, I would say that it is almost just right. Right amount of full (I came here on just a banana for breakfast and a 1pm lunch, so this meal was enough to fill me up). But I would say if your appetite is a bit smaller, this is a place quite worth considering sharing.

The total that I coughed up for the meal here was RM31.50 (or thereabouts) after tax and all. This is pretty much the cost of the Englishman’s Breakfast + Quesadilla Breakkie + Tax (10+6%). You can see the food menu right below here!

People & Places Menu

How it Tastes

So I think it is quite worth just sharing what they say is in each of the dishes. Here’s what they say about the Quesadilla Breakkie. (their recommended food menu item)

“Fluffy Tomyam scrambled eggs, chicken ham, sliced tomatoes, Alexa’s sriracha aioli, coriander and Belgium cheddar cheese sandwiched between tortilla sheets” with some pomegranate and parmesan on the side.

The Quesadilla Breakkie! Yum!

The Quesadilla Breakkie! Yum!

Honestly speaking, I didn’t really know that there was Tomyam inside until I actually looked back at the menu, but there is definitely that little bit of spice to it that is really yummy to eat. But I think the one X-Factor to this dish is the sriracha aioli, which is absolutely on point.

Quesadilla Breakkie People & Places

I would say it has just the right amount of cheese, in the sense that I have had some that go over/under on the cheese, and that really ruins the dish as a whole. But I would say this is closer to taco rather than quesadilla in the sense that it isn’t as cheesy as most under quesadillas.

Overall was really yum!

Here’s what they say is in that Englishman’s Breakfast:

Scrambled kampong eggs, streaky beef bacon/chicken ham, chicken sausage, potato tots, home-made baked beans, grilled tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, toasted brioche & greens

Englishman's Breakfast

I feel like with these types of breakfast platters, they are nearly always good, but have that rare occasion where it isn’t too good. This, thankfully, isn’t one of those rare times.

I mean, what can I say? I guess I like the potato tots, because it isn’t too common in these kinds of breakfast platters. The toasted brioche with the scrambled kampong eggs is probably the ones that I personally liked out of this dish. I mean, I feel sausages, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and chicken ham are just quite standard breakfast menu items that you can’t really revolutionise. The eggs are a bit more on the watery side, if that’s something you don’t really like. (see the pic for reference)

Star Rating

7.5/10. A just about 7.5/10 (and if you guys read my blog, 7.5 is considered pretty darn rare - good). Good food with a fantastic ambience in a beautiful cafe. For me, the order is still definitely the Quesadilla Breakkie because most other menu items can be ordered elsewhere and that is the main star of this cafe.