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Poke bowls are something I LOVE eating. They’re healthy, nutritious and taste really yum (got lots of flavour with the fruits, nuts and what not), so it isn’t too much of a surprise today that I’m sharing a really nice poke bowl stop in Poke Twins Mount Austin.

Poke Twins Poke Bowl Mount Austin

Is it Halal?

I am not 100% certain about this, but I feel as though this is a place that has many workarounds around it anyways. They’ve got custom bowls whereby you can just order salmon, fruit and nut options, so even if it isn’t halal certified (as mentioned, I’m not certain), there are ways to eat halal here, if you aren’t too concerned about certification.

Poke Twins Johor Bahru

Where it Is?

I think that the best way to describe where this is would be that you want to turn in to the same row as Chatto and Bloom by Mok Mok, Mount Austin. You want to go from the Chatto side towards the Bloom direction, go all the way to the end (just follow the road) and you will see it there on the side.

Address: 129, Jalan Mutiara Emas 2A, Taman Mount Austin


(You can zoom in on the map to just take a look around!)

Operating Hours:

Daily: 11am to 10pm (No rest days)

What it Costs

Your standard meal here will probably cost RM18.90, but that of course depends on what you get. The menu price is the nett price, and the prices are pretty much like such:

Salmon/Tuna Poke Bowl: RM18.90 (+1.5 I belive if you want the fish seared)
Chicken/Tofu Poke Bowl: RM15.90
Beef Poke Bowl: RM19.90

To be fair, I feel like the menu I’m attaching below is quite self explanatory, in that you can pretty much understand everything from there. This is the custom menu that I’m sharing. I personally got Brown Rice, classic ponzo sauce, edamame, mango, almonds, seaweed salad and all of the unlimited toppings.

Poke Twins Menu

There is also an additional menu whereby they put together a few combinations that they think are quite nice, so you can order from there if you’re not 100% sure about what you want to order.

Free water and a few bits and blobs offered free for paying customers here.

Poke Twins Poke Bowl

How it Tastes

This poke bowl is naise. I would say it is a really homely style of poke bowl - in comparison to what I would say is a more premium poke bowl that you can find at Top Catch Fisheries (I feel like you naturally have to compare the two simply because they’re so close to each other and serve up similar dishes).

I feel as though the edamame was a little meh, but the rest of the things I had in my rice bowl - almonds, mango, seaweed salad, salmon altogether work really well to make a really nice dish. If you really want me to compare the quality of the salmon between Poke Twins and Top Catch, I would say Top Catch Fisheries NARROWLY wins, but I would say that with the caveat that Top Catch Fisheries does not have the same level of customization (fixed menu there), as well as variety of ingredients (Poke Twins beats them here by a mile).

But overall, I would say it is a pretty decent Poke Bowl.

Poke Twins Poke Bowl 2

Poke Twins vs Top Catch Fisheries

Just a few personal thoughts. Price-wise, there are almost identical. Tuna/salmon comes at RM18 and RM19 respectively and Top Catch Fisheries whilst it comes at RM18.90 here. If you like choosing your poke bowl (like how all poke bowls should really be), Poke Twins is where you want to be. If you just want really delicious fish, I would say Top Catch Fisheries would be more of your place.

Star Rating

7/10. A great place to get your poke bowl fix with lots of customization on the menu! I personally would recommend taking mangoes and almonds with your poke bowl, because these two are my personal favourites in every poke bowl. High quality ingredients from a nice restaurant!