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I feel as though Hakka food has that very special homely feel to it. Maybe because I have some Hakka background in my family, maybe it is just the style of cooking. Hakka Traditional Foods Gelang Patah is a fantastic place to get your fix of Hakka food!

Hakka Traditional Foods Gelang Patah

Is it Halal?

This is a non-halal option, as they have some pork on their menu. However, they do have numerous other options such as chicken and vegetable dishes, so if you want to avoid non-halal food but eat the halal stuff without the certification, there are options for you to munch on here.

Where it Is?

客语 Hakka Traditional Foods is located in Gelang Patah, in the square that has other restaurants such as Tea Garden, Heng Park Hawker Centre and Pizza Hut among other shops. It is on the row 2 rows behind the one facing the main road and beside a big Kedai Runcit.


Address: Jalan Nusaria 11/4 Taman Nusantara, 81550 Gelang Patah, ... Chinese Restaurant in Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia

Operating Hours

Weekdays: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Rest Day on Tuesday)
Weekends: 11:30 AM to 9PM

What it Costs

I think that the one thing that is slightly different from this place and a lot of other Hakka restaurants is that this is probably aiming towards a student clientele. Their menu focuses quite a bit on set options, which see you get a main dish, an egg and a drink.

The 2 dishes that I’m sharing in my blog post today will be the Yong Tau Foo Set (RM10.90 base price) and the Stew Fried Meat with Black Fungus Set (RM12.90 base price). Their default drink is some sort of tea, but I added RM1.50 to make it a cold milk tea for my set, so that is possible to do here.

I’ve put the menu right below this, so do take a look if you’re interested in the prices.

Hakka Traditional Foods Menu Gelang Patah 2

How it Tastes

I would say that for the Stew Fried Meat with Black Fungus set is pretty decent at that price, because I feel that it does pack quite a lot of things in there for the price of RM12.90. You have a decent amount of meat and they give quite a lot of black fungus as well.

Stew Fried Meat with Black Fungus Gelang Patah

Taste-wise, I would say it is a little bit more on the mild and gentle on the tastebuds side. (Probably just a way to say that this is a decent healthier/eat when you’re not feeling 100% kind of option)

Yong Tau Foo Gelang Patah

The Yong Tau Foo set is actually pretty nice despite maybe being a dish that is pretty dry. You do have 2 different sauces (one is a mayo and one is a soya sauce based sauce) that you can dip in, but I feel the concept of the dish is definitely a little bit on the dry side. That being said, the toufu, eggplant and bittergourd are cooked really nicely, making for a really good meal. I should add probably that I believe that this is a fully vegetarian dish that people (even ones that enjoy meat as much as I do) can appreciate very much.

Pork Gelang Patah Hakka Food

Suitable For…

I think that this is honestly a really good option for students, reason being that it is on the cheaper side, they make some really homely food (that I miss really much) and provide a pretty complete meal as a package (because they all come in sets). Not to mention their menu is actually pretty big for a restaurant of this size.

Star Rating

6.5/10. A solid 6.5. I probably would have given it a 7/10 if I had tried a bit more of their menu, but for now, I would say that the flavours and the pricing give them a 6.5. A really decent place to come for steamed and fried food alike, even for a Lei Cha (if you can tahan the taste - I can’t XD).