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I was exploring on Burpple the other day and I stumbled upon this pretty cool dessert place in Foo Foo Fine Desserts TTDI. I would say it is rare to have that fine dessert experience without having dinner a lot of the time, but this is one of those exceptions.

As usual, unedited shots here, edited shots up on my IG @bibzeats (do follow me!)

Passion Pavlova with Lime Chantily (RM27)

Passion Pavlova with Lime Chantily (RM27)

A lot of other high end dessert places focus on just cakes, but if you’re thinking about other similar options, you can have a look at Dew Dessert Restaurant and Mad Hatter, which I do feel are going in a similar direction with their concept.

Foo Foo Fine Desserts, though, sells the WHOLE experience though, in my opinion. It is a really chill place with a very vibrant atmosphere.

Context: A post-dinner trip to Foo Foo Fine Desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings (4 pax.) sharing 2 desserts.

Is it Halal?

I honestly don’t think there is halal certification, but they are pork-free and I do see a lot of Malays in the restaurant - although I understand this is not a determinant as to whether places are halal or not. Do have at your own discretion (or at least check before hand, because I don’t see any halal certification anywhere in the restaurant or online)

Foo Foo Fine Desserts Creme Brulee

Where it Is?

It is on this row at TTDI. It’s the same row as Frisky Goat and near the Public Bank. In my opinion, once you see Frisky Goat/Public Bank, it is well worth just looking for a parking on a busy day. Parking goes one way (if you park on that row) and I believe it is free - but difficult to find.

I feel like whilst you’re walking along the row, it can be hard to find (especially because it is upstairs) so just look around the Frisky Goat area past the Public Bank, and you will find it. Head up the stairs and you’ll be greeted by their staff within 5 seconds. This I can almost guarantee you.

On the day I went, it was pretty full and they asked whether we had any reservations, but we managed to get a walk-in table just fine. I would urge you to consider just reserving a table 15 minutes ahead of time if you really would like to try the desserts here.


Address: First Floor, 64, Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone Number: 03-2389 3155

What it Costs

We shared 2 desserts, the Passion Pavlova with Lime Chantily (RM27) and their Creme Brulee with Prune Compote (RM26) among the 4 of us and I would say it probably is just about enough for the 4 for us. I would say the pavlova is a bit more on the heavier side, so if you’re really full up on the desserts, this place really works for sharing.

Foo Foo Fine Desserts Menu Prices

There’s free water here and great service so don’t be afraid to shout out for help because they’re always ready to help. From what I’ve heard, their Aztec Hot Chocolate is pretty good as well. I’ve uploaded a copy of their menu with prices so you guys can have a look!

How it Tastes

So, starting off with the Creme Brulee. Honestly speaking this is a pretty interesting one. It is almost like a glassy layer at the top! Like legit it is almost like breaking ice trying to get past the first layer (see the video below XD). It has lots of nice flavours, but I feel like to a degree it is almost like eating into ice.

Otherwise, the custard and that prune compote - which is a pretty interesting addition comparing against normal creme brulees - work really well together for me. Fun fact - we got this because my dad is a fan of creme brulee, and as a purist, he doesn’t quite like this combination too much. I guess it strays away from its roots with that juicy element coming from the prunes, but it works for me!

Next up is the pavlova, and I feel like a lot of pavlovas are a bit of a hit and miss with me. I light the usual sweetness, but a lot of dishes almost overdo it with sourness in order to combat the pavlova. The passionfruit does this to a degree, but definitely to a point where it is almost like ying and yang, working together to make a really nice dessert dish.

The star for me is whatever is in that pastry in between it all, because it is yum and the texture is great.

Passionfruit Pavlova with Lime Chantily Foo Foo

Overall, I always feel fine desserts kind of try to make you question what is normal with the flavours while wowing you with presentation. This place definitely achieves this in the 2 desserts we ordered. 2 normally really ordinary desserts turning into something more sophisticated.

Star Rating

9/10. I cannot stress one thing - that I LOVE the ambience and overall feel of the place. A little bit of a shame because I forgot to take a photo of the surroundings, but I love it!

8.5 or 9/10 for my sister @themilkteathief on IG. Not exactly sure what she’s basing it on, but I think she likes it based on the score.

Then, you have the high quality desserts - which I almost wish I could sample more of but unfortunately I didn’t have the time or stomach on the day. But ultimately, an excellent dessert venue with a lot of variation on the menu, which is definitely deserving of the 9/10 I’m giving it (tied for highest on this blog).

The difference being here is that I’m more giving it for variety, whilst in the other case, it is just one thing everyone goes there for, so take what you will from that, because I think this is a place well deserving of 9/10.