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I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it all over Instagram. Here it is, this is my review of The Tokyo Restaurant, Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur cheesecakes.

Context: After dinner at Ma Maison Ebisu (located on the same floor) with my girlfriend. To be honest, we really decided to have dinner at Lot 10 just so we could try the cheesecake, so yeah, this day was pretty much all about trying the cheesecake.

Disclaimer: I usually don’t edit too much but I just did a tiny bit of colour correction for a few - just because the lighting makes it hard to take a nice shot here.

Tokyo Restaurant 6th Avenue Cheesecake (RM20)

Tokyo Restaurant 6th Avenue Cheesecake (RM20)

Where it Is

It is located in Lot 10 Shopping Center. There was a ridiculous amount of traffic headed to that Pavilion, Lot 10 area, so to be honest, I settled on parking at Low Yat Plaza. I personally think it is a bit cheaper - although undoubtedly a bit more shady - to park there.

Best MRT station would definitely be the Bukit Bintang MRT Station for Lot 10 Shopping Center.

I wouldn’t really recommend parking at Low Yat and walking over unless: a) it is in broad daylight b) you don’t mind walking in complete darkness across shady alleyways and c) it is SO jam to the point that traffic isn’t moving.

Just head to the fourth floor of Lot 10 and it is divided into two portions - expensive area and a cheaper region - The Tokyo Restaurant is basically in the side with the more atas-feel kind of restaurants (darker lighting and without the food court). You’ll see the bar tables outside.


Address: Level 4 Lot 10 Shopping Center, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:

Daily: 11am to 11pm

Additional Information

I think I kinda need to add a bit more about this restaurant before telling you about the cheesecake itself. Last order is (sometimes) at 10.15pm (not sure, because we checked twice, before they changed it to 10.45pm) so do just try to get there before then, just in case you don’t get to try the cheesecake.

If you’re having dinner at The Tokyo Restaurant, you’ll be sitting inside and if you’re having just desserts/drinks, you’ll be sitting outside with a different menu, so just do keep that in mind. Dinner-wise, I think they’ve got a nice menu with some reasonable things, but I feel as though I’ve not seen enough mains online in order to justify eating dinner there just yet (but maybe on another trip!)

I really appreciate the service here. Really responsive and pleasant to talk to. The server that attended to us basically even helped us try another fantastic cheesecake we didn’t even know was on the menu! Water is free and I guess I really just appreciate the service here as a whole.

Be a little mindful that most of the toilets in the Lot 10 mall have paid entry with the exception of ONE near the lift (go straight not left when you exit the lift) that is free for restaurant guests - but most people use it anyways.

The Tokyo Restaurant Lot 10 Price

What it Costs

Me and my girlfriend shared 2 cheesecakes among us. We had the one that everyone comes here for, the 6th Avenue Cheesecake (RM20) and the Matcha Cheesecake (RM21). You’ve got the additional 6% service tax here, so our total came up to be RM43.25 for the 2 cakes.

The 6th Avenue Cheesecake is basically as promised. A cheesecake with some whipped cream on top, and their Matcha Cheesecake is actually a seasonal variant - this time a collaboration with Niko Neko - using the YURI matcha powder (you can take a look at what this is here and it is pretty pricey).

The Matcha Cheesecake is basically a burnt cheesecake variant with matcha infused into it. I’m not quite sure for how long this will be around exactly, but would be worth just trying this first before it goes away.

Portion-wise, me and my girlfriend struggled a little with finishing both pieces, but I think that is to be expected after eating a full-up dinner. I would say eat 1 among 2 if you want to eat comfortably, eat 1 each if you really want to try everything (and share).

YURI Matcha Cheesecake (RM21)

YURI Matcha Cheesecake (RM21)

How it Tastes

So I guess the million dollar question is which one is tastier. Please pardon me because my answer is a bit complicated to understand. I think that the original 6th Avenue Cheesecake is tastier, but I think that the Matcha Cheesecake is much more worth trying when you come here.

I honestly think that the 6th Avenue Cheesecake is EASILY one of the best, if not the best cheesecake I’ve had. Light, sweet and full of that rich cheesecake flavour. The whipped cream is also a perfect balance of being light and creamy, so it really is up there in my personal cheesecake rankings.

Just in case you needed another angle. Who am I kidding, this is just an extra shot

Just in case you needed another angle. Who am I kidding, this is just an extra shot

My reason for my original statement would be this: I think that at the end of the day, whilst it elevates your normal cheesecake, it still tastes like a cheesecake. So basically something you can find in commonplace anywhere else (but definitely not as tasty).

The Matcha Cheesecake, on the other hand, is delicious in its own right. It is rich, a less sweet variant and a piece of cheesecake that isn’t as soft and fluffy like the original version. Add in the fact that it is seasonal, this cheesecake is what has convinced me that matcha can go good with anything.

But honestly speaking, you can’t go wrong with either. Simple as that.

Yep, and this is another one.

Yep, and this is another one.

Star Rating

9/10. I’m not sure about this, but this is AT LEAST tied for the best ratings I have given on this blog so far. Reasons are simple. They have made themselves standout as being a place you can come for just desserts and excelled at it (basically the only aspect I was reviewing). In addition, I enjoyed the experience as a whole - the light ambience and excellent service. This place is deserving of being a top dessert destination in KL.

Honestly recommend coming here as almost a replacement for those light drinks late-night meetings. Light atmosphere with a splendid dessert and drinks. What’s not to love!

Bubz Rates (My girlfriend): 9/10. Honestly speaking, she loves this place to bits. Only con for her was the struggle to finish 2 cheesecakes after a heavy dinner - which can’t even be blamed on the restaurant. But overall, a really nice experience.