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Hello peeps! Today I’m sharing a tonkatsu place in central KL, and it is Ma Maison Ebisu! This is a tonkatsu restaurant located in Lot 10 (walking distance away from Pavilion, Fahrenheit, etc. ) Shopping Centre that I wanted to try, having tried Ma Maison in Singapore.

As usual, unedited content found here, edited content found on my IG @bibzeats .

Ma maison Ebisu Lot 10 KL

Context: Went here for a late dinner (both my girlfriend and I were pretty hungry because we were caught up in a jam before reaching) for 2 people. Had desserts at Tokyo Restaurant - cheesecakes which I’ll be sharing on here soon (located on the same floor).

Ma Maison Ebisu KL Radish

Is it Halal?

No, this is a non-halal eatery with pork items on the menu. I guess this is the case for tonkatsu restaurants more than any other Japanese eateries, but if you are Muslim, do just keep that in mind if you’re even just having all the chicken dishes.

Skewers Ma Maison Ebisu

Where it Is?

It is located in Lot 10 Shopping Center. There was a ridiculous amount of traffic headed to that Pavilion, Lot 10 area, so to be honest, I settled on parking at Low Yat Plaza. I personally think it is a bit cheaper - although undoubtedly a bit more shady - to park there.

Best MRT station would definitely be the Bukit Bintang MRT Station for Lot 10 Shopping Center.

I wouldn’t really recommend parking at Low Yat and walking over unless: a) it is in broad daylight b) you don’t mind walking in complete darkness across shady alleyways and c) it is SO jam to the point that traffic isn’t moving.

But I’m pretty sure it will be cheaper than any other carpark - especially given you even have to pay money to use most of the toilets at Lot 10.

Just head to the fourth floor and it is divided into two portions - expensive area and a cheaper region - Ma Maison is classified in the more affordable region - so just look in the area that is a bit brighter and has the food court.


Address: Level 4, Js Gate Dining, Lot 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:

Daily: 10am to 10pm (No rest day)

What it Costs

We started off with two appetisers in an oyster (RM6.90 x 2) and pork loin skewer each (RM4.90 x 2) before our mains of Katsu Don Set (RM28.90) and their Rosu Katsu Set (RM27.90). On top of this, there is a SST of 6% and a service charge of 10%.

Oyster Skewers (Each for RM6.90)

Oyster Skewers (Each for RM6.90)

However, I also used an Entertainer promotion. This basically allowed me to buy 1 main, get 1 free (so in this case, I got the cheaper one - the Rosu Katsu Set - for free). So here’s my usual ramble about the Entertainer app, because it does help me a lot with finding cheap deals!

Helps me find places to eat and save money and basically a splendid app that I talk about a lot. (To the point that I feel I should be paid for the endorsement XD - Not paid). But if you WOULD like to support me and get an additional 10% off whatever deal is on at the moment, click on the link right here to get that special discount (and help fund the running of this website!)

This meant that my total bill came up to RM60.90 - or roughly RM30 per person (would be around RM45 a person without Entertainer).

With regards to the sets, they come with refillable rice, cabbage (which you can drench in their sesame dressing) and tonjiru (basically miso soup with pork). They also give you the standard radish.

A small note about the pork loin skewers is that it comes with a cabbage + miso curry combination. The sauce is pretty nice with the lettuce, so if you want more vegetables, I think at RM4.90 per piece, that is quite worth it for an appetiser (almost even more so than the oyster alone). Free ocha offered here.

Chicken Katsu Don Ma Maison Ebisu

How it Tastes

Starting off with the appetisers, the oyster is deliciously juicy! In general, I really like fried oyster and this one definitely at least meets the minimum requirement of being tasty for me. Almost dripping once you bite into it, and is definitely really flavourful.

The pork loin skewer is a bit meh, but as I said before, a lot of value you can get from the miso curry sauce + lettuce.

I had more of the katsu don, and I would say that I definitely enjoyed it. I mean katsu don is probably one of the more common dishes out there, so I have had my fair share, and this one is definitely one that meets the mark of being a yummy katsu don. The dish works really well with the egg and quite simply it is a good bowl of Katsu Don.

Ton Katsu Ma Maison Ebisu Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur

My girlfriend had the ton katsu, and I would personally say that it is around meh and good for me. I would say that it is a well executed ton katsu in general in the sense that I have no complaints about it, but I feel that I’ve had slightly better ton katsu in other places. (I personally prefer Tonkatsu by Ma Maison in Publika)

Overall, I would say it is still a really nice meal, and I wouldn’t even say that I have any complaints about eating here. Service was pleasant and quick too.

Star Rating

7/10. A nice tonkatsu place that you can go for dinner. Helps that there is a really nice dessert place nearby as well! But does everything you want it to, and does it quickly too!

Bubz Rates: 6/10. My girlfriend is a bit picky with Japanese food, hence the slightly lower mark. But I guess she’s more of an expert about these things than me.