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Honestly my pick for Malaysian friends in Dubai if you’re missing home, Social House offers quality Asian food, (you got the lot really, Korean bibimbap, nasi goreng, satay, really most things you would miss from Malaysia) Western food and some great desserts to compliment them.

Context: Went here for a meet-up with a friend from Dubai. (Party of 2). As usual, unedited shots on my blog, edited shots on my IG @bibzeats .

The beautiful view of Dubai Fountain from Social House Dubai Mall

The beautiful view of Dubai Fountain from Social House Dubai Mall

Where it Is

It is located in on the lower ground floor in Dubai Mall, near Five Guys. Other stuff on this floor include Eataly, California Pizza, etc. Parking is free in Dubai Mall, but sometimes it is disgustingly hard to get a parking in this mall, so just be a little wary about that. The plus point about this would be that you have a beautiful view of the Dubai Fountain - which is especially nice in summer because it is too darn hot to be outside.

Social House Dubai Mall Interior

Social House Dubai Mall Interior

In general, the fountain operates its show every 1 hour as a general rule of thumb - some evenings (6pm onwards) it is every 30 minutes, so you can take in the fantastic view if you ask for a seat inside at the Social House. This is one of those places that is really expensive to get into on New Year’s Eve.


Address: Social House, The Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operating Hours:

8am to 1am daily (No rest days)

What it Costs

I feel as though personally, only get those dishes like your nasi goreng, mee goreng, etc. if you really miss it, because if you ask me, those things really aren’t worth the AED70 (around there) for each of those dishes. Basically me and my friend ate separate dishes - I got the fettuccine alfredo (AED66) and he got the Korean BBQ main course (AED88).

We also ate what I thought was their nicest looking dessert. Do ask for their dessert menu - as it is in their original menu, as well as the special menu with the pictures of all the desserts. We went with the affogato decadence (AED43). We also shared a bottle of water for AED27, bringing the total for the bill up to AED224.

This place DOES, however have a discount using the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) credit card - 15% - which my friend had, so the bill came up to AED190. So we’re talking about AED95 per person with a dessert and water. I would say it is just about worth what you pay.

They’ve got a few cheaper dishes for their executive lunch as well, so do keep it in mind. You can check out their full menu by clicking here.

Fettuccine Alfredo (AED66)

Fettuccine Alfredo (AED66)

How it Tastes

Honestly, this is one of those places that make a really mean fettuccine. (and that’s a compliment) I appreciate the thickness of the sauce which is absolutely on point. To be honest, it’s quite simple really, I like this fettuccine. The chicken, the pasta, the sauce. Not much else to say really!

Portion-wise, from appearance, I think it was okay in the sense that you’re getting value for money and tummy-wise I would say since it IS a creamy pasta, it can fill your tummy. Doesn’t have that cheesey taste that most pastas have as well, so this is one that most people in general will enjoy. (to be honest, I picked this because it was a recommended item on the menu)

Affogato Decadence (AED43)

Affogato Decadence (AED43)

With regard to the dessert, I think that first of all, it is definitely one of the more Instagram worthy desserts there is here. It is basically a hazelnut ice cream coated and crusted with granola, served with a shot of espresso (they give it to you hot in one of those things you normally find liquid creamer in) and nutella on the side of the plates.

So presentation-wise stunning. But this is one of those desserts that will be really hit or miss depending on what you like, in my opinion. There are two ways to see it for me. You have a really nice combination of sweetness and bitterness, making it almost a perfect marriage of flavours. If you have a proper mix of that espresso and the hazelnut ice cream, it is a really unique flavour.

On the other hand, I do think it is bothering on a bit strange because I would think something a little thicker than that espresso would go better in this dish - I just think that liquid-y combinations with ice cream can be a little bit meh because you just end up scooping melted ice cream mixed with that coffee.

But overall, I do like the dessert!


Star Rating

7.5/10. A really pleasant place to sit down and have a nice dinner. They have some executive lunch sets as well, but I think the value of this place is having a beautiful (and comfortable) view of the Dubai fountain performance with nice, quality food. This is a place I rate highly!