Food Blog | 7dish Cafe Taman Sutera

Back to a bit of Johor Bahru food blogging - just because this was an old one that I haven’t shared in a while. Today I’m sharing 7dish cafe! (of 7dish coffee, I’m not sure which one its meant to be. This is a place which has an all-day breakfast menu, but the star of this cafe spot is definitely that souffle.

Context: Came here with a friend (2 people total eating) after seeing in on Instagram

7Dish Cafe Taman Sutera

Is it Halal?

Ingredients are from halal certified suppliers and this cafe doesn’t have any pork or lard - but I do believe that they don’t have any formal halal certification.

7Dish Cafe Menu Taman Sutera

Where it Is

Quite easy to find this cafe. Just find the main entrance of Sutera, come out of the main doors and head to the left side (I believe in Baskin Robins direction). Keep walking, and you will see it.

Parking-wise, you can park in the Sutera Mall itself - but this one is paid - or you can park a bit further up (Nijyumaru area), as those are free. Please note though that it can be quite hard to find free parking during the peak hours because Sutera can be REALLY busy.


Address: 7dish Cafe - L2-550 Sutera Mall, Skudai, 81300 Johor Bahru

What it Costs

I can’t quite recall what taxes apply here, but I guess I’ll just tell you what was ordered and the price on the menu. We got a salmon mash - RM26 - and an organic benedict (basically their variation of Eggs Benedict) - RM25 - to share, as well as a dark chocolate souffle pancake - RM21 - to share for dessert.

This brings the total up to around RM75 if you add in what I believe the tax was around. That’s RM37.5 for 2 people and whilst I would say that this is a REALLY filling meal, I think it is hard to justify the price point at which they are selling for - especially if you compare to other restaurants.

Portions-wise they look small, but they are quite hearty with regards to content, so you will definitely be full after eating up these dishes. But admittedly, this place has a small menu as a whole.

Salmon Mash (RM26)

Salmon Mash (RM26)

How it Tastes

I would say the salmon mash is pretty interesting in the sense that it is something quite uniquely European - in the sense that you don’t find it in Malaysia often at all - about the dish. Basically it is like a thick soup with fries and bread. All 3 of which go together pretty well.

I feel like this is one of those things that would be perfect for a cold day, or when you’re not feeling so well. Really rich soup with a lot of nice flavours. You’ve got a salad to go with it as well, so I would say as a whole, this is quite a nice, balanced dish.

Organic Benedict (RM25)

Organic Benedict (RM25)

Next up you have the Eggs Benedict. I feel as though their rendition falls a bit flat of other renditions of it that I’ve had. On first look, it looks a bit meh, and it almost feels as though potatoes are quite a bad pairing with eggs benedict. Taste-wise I would say it probably falls in the meh department, as I would say that if I were to compare, this one isn’t really up there.

Dark Chocolate Souffle 7dish Cafe Sutera

Souffle-wise, I think this is a nice consideration for you to have. I would say it has a nice appearance and overall taste to it. Personally reminds me of pancakes, but not sure whether that’s what you’re going for. The chocolate works well, so I would say it is well worth a try if you’re looking for a slightly heavier dessert to finish off your meal.

Star Rating

6/10. This rating is on the basis you’re having your dinner here. I would say that due to the fairly limited menu, this probably isn’t the best dinner spot. However, I would say it probably falls in between 6.5 and 7/10 if you’re coming here purely for the souffle. I personally think that’s more worth it, especially considering this is bordering on expensive for a Malaysian standard.