Worth the Hype? | Chicha San Chen 313@Somerset

In the next Worth the Hype/What the Hell, I review a new bubble tea crazy sweeping the nation, Chicha San Chen (吃茶三千 - which directly translates to eat tea 3000 - but please do note that my Chinese is absolutely terrible, so it definitely could be something else).

Chicha San Chen 313@Somerset

This one’s pretty interesting because it has actually gotten international recognition in the form of the Highest International Authority iTQi certification - which is some really high certification made decided by a panel of 15 people from different countries, akin to a 3 Michelin star standard (but I probably wouldn’t take this TOO seriously).

Chicha San Chen 313@Somerset

Where it Is?

It is located in 313@Somerset, next to the shops Hotwind and Missfit. Basically look for Haidilao and go one floor down, and I believe you can find it as well.

Address: 313 Orchard Rd, #03 - 41, Singapore 238895

What it Costs

As with a lot of bubble teas you have the usual customisation options. But unlike others, this one is more of like a build-a-bear style in the sense that they don’t really put any pearl milk tea options directly in the menu, you have to add it yourself after choosing your tea and how you like it. 

You have your usual ice and sugar adjustment options but this is a one size fits all kind of place (no small or large, etc.)

I tried the bubble milk tea (SGD4.50) amd the Dong Ding Oolong Tea with Konjac Jelly (SGD5.70) - which is meant to be their signature drink. Not sure about which topping they personally recommend though. I believe toppings are roughly SGD0.50 or SGD1, if that’s something you’d like to know. 

Dong Ding Oolong Milk Tea with Konjac Jelly (SGD5.70)

Dong Ding Oolong Milk Tea with Konjac Jelly (SGD5.70)

How it Tastes

Two things I’d like to add before going into the taste of the tea itself. First of all, they have really cute cups! I would say that it almost feels like something that suits them - being very earthy and almost simplistic. Really easy to carry around and a pretty nice brand statement at the same time.

Second of all, I feel as though you almost feel the science-y aspect coming here. The tea is measured for volume and temperature - rather than my eye and feel in a lot of other places. This one feels really precise just looking at how they assemble the drinks.

First of all, starting with their signature Ding Dong Oolong Milk Tea. This is a really fragrant and aromatic tea! I would say it definitely lives up to its reputation of being famous for this. Not necessarily the MOST fragrant I’ve had - I would say Chatto Malaysia still holds that title for me - but this one is still pretty nice.

I personally think that the konjac jelly is a bit meh - I ordered it because I saw the person in front of me order it so I went with the hype XD, but I think you should just order the normal pearls here, because they are really good (considering that it was in the milk tea). 

Chicha San Chen Bubble Milk Tea (SGD4.50)

Chicha San Chen Bubble Milk Tea (SGD4.50)

The second drink we had was the bubble milk tea and I would say that this one is pretty nice too! Really creamy and had a nice level of sweetness at 50% which I would say would probably fit most people’s tastebuds just right!

Worth the Hype/What the Hell?

For me, I seem to see two REALLY trendy drinks these days. Chicha San Chen and HeyTea. I feel as though Chicha San Chen BLOWS HeyTea out of the water - I feel I really dislike the cheese drinks at HeyTea (and I am someone who appreciates cheese drinks in general - Daboba, etc.). 

This for me, as well as the fact that they do actually make pretty nice drinks makes it Worth the Hype for me.