Food Blog | FROZEN by Ken Bangsar KL

A slightly shorter food blog, this time being of Frozen by Ken in Bangsar KL! This is a dessert spot (I believe they do brunch as well) which specialises in unique artisan ice creams that I really enjoy.

The Ice Cream cakes on offer at Frozen by Ken

The Ice Cream cakes on offer at Frozen by Ken

Context: Came here post lunch nearby with my little sister (We had Eatomo - a Poke bowl place a few shop lots away). Just wanted to try it out since we saw it on Burpple

Where it Is?

It is directly opposite Bangsar Village 2 on the same row as Devi’s Corner. The exit you’ll want to be looking for in order to access Frozen the easiest would be the corner where the Delicious Restaurant (not a pun, but at the end of the day, that’s what its called) is located.

FROZEN is also on the same row as Devi’s Corner, which you guys will probably be more aware of than me. I would say that to avoid the hustle and bustle of working out how to park your car in Bangsar, I personally would recommend just parking in the shopping mall and walking across. Really nearby and convenient if you ask me.


Address: 6, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Operating Hours:

Daily: 12pm to 11pm (Friday + Saturday closing time is midnight)

Frozen by Ken Ice Cream

What it Costs

Me and my sister got 2 desserts to share. Both, I would say are seasonal desserts that may or may not go away pretty soon. First was the Matcha Ice Cream - a new addition to their set of ice creams - which they have used the NikoNeko Hojicha powder to make. Honestly love anything involving this particular matcha - I have mentioned that Tokyo Restaurant uses it for the cheesecake (which I love).

The matcha flavour ice cream, in particular, is RM2 more than the other flavours and is priced at RM12.90 for a single scoop (if I’m not mistaken). Do, however, check if they have other promotions like their platter - RM15.90 to sample a few smaller scoops of ice cream or their sorbets.

They actually have a few creative flavours such as Kaya Toast and Eis Batu Campur!

To the left of the single scoops are a selection of tiny ice cream cake options for you to feast on! The Iced Gem, in particular, caught our eye so we decided to order it. It’s priced at RM18 if you would like to order it! It is basically a milo ice-cream mixed with coffee kao ice cream in a white chocolate shell, with creme chantilly to top it off.

If you’re lazy to do the maths, these 2 came up to RM30.90. I used FavePay in order to pay for this meal. I like it because there’s cashback for if I return to this place (5%) AND there are some deals that you can find to get additional cashback on the homepage. If you haven’t used it before, try it out and use my promo code I19YC in order to get RM5 off your first purchase (full disclosure: RM5 goes to my FavePay wallet too).

NikoNeko Matcha Ice Cream (RM12.80)

NikoNeko Matcha Ice Cream (RM12.80)

How it Tastes

I would say that this falls in a similar category as Inside Scoop - creative ice cream flavours and a gourmet-ish concept with the exception of having their own unique ice cream cakes (I believe they have a much bigger rotation of flavours depending on the month as well).

Starting out with the Matcha Ice Cream, it tastes great! Definitely one of the richest matcha ice creams you can find everywhere. Not overly sweet, as it should be and a really tasty and refreshing dessert for me. I would just about justify the price tag simply because I do realise how expensive the matcha powder is, and the fact that I actually do love this ice cream.

Iced Gem Milo Ice Cream Frozen by Ken

Onto the Iced Gem. You basically have a hard outer shell (don’t worry it’s not the type that cracks your teeth when you bite into it - but do use the knife to cut it) with the cream on top and ice cream inside.

What I’ll tell you is that for the longest time, me and my sister were perhaps hypnotising ourselves to believe that there was a hint of coffee in the ice cream when we were eating it. And then, it hit us. That surge of caffeine, that bitterness of coffee. It basically is, if I’m not mistaken, 2 layers in the ice cream itself! Milo ice cream on the outer layer and coffee ice cream as part of its core.

Both of which are upgrades to the only variant that I can compare to, those milo and coffee ice cream paddle pop like things because they have a really nice (but reasonable) sweetness to them and this addictive component that makes you never stop eating.

Being white chocolate, I’m also wary about how sweet it can be, but I really couldn’t put my fork down when I was eating this! Was really good. The chantily was a bit meh for me, but this is still a really nice dessert!

Star Rating

8/10. I really want to give it 8.5, but . I think 8 is a good place for this ice cream shop (at least until I try their kaya toast ice cream fully). Definitely on the more atas list of ice creams on KL, and a great new(er) option for you to indulge on if you’re in the area!