Food Blog | Fountain Cafe Aeon Bukit Indah

A place that I personally eat regularly, Fountain Cafe (何泉珍) Aeon Bukit Indah offers a wide menu of delicious food at affordable prices, making it a place that you might want to consider if you’re looking for nicer meals on a budget.

Fountain Cafe Bukit Indah

A bit of a plug for an app that I use (not sponsored) would be that I found this restaurant (and what brings me back) is the fact that it is on Fave Pay. This means I can get cashback whenever I come back here to eat, incentivizing me to come back!

Is it Halal?

No, it has pork in its menu, so this is a non-halal eatery.

Where it Is

They actually have two locations. The one that I personally go to on a pretty regular basis is at Aeon Bukit Indah. It’s located on the first floor (one floor up from ground floor), and it is on the same row as Sushi King, Tea Garden and Old Town Kopitiam (small little alley on the side where quite a number of restaurants lie).

I personally haven’t been to the City Square outlet, but there is an outlet at City Square too, so perhaps if anyone actually ends up at that outlet, leave a comment below and maybe talk about your experience!

Opening Hours

10am to 10pm daily (No off day)

Fountain Cafe Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Rice

Pro Tips

A few pro tips, because I think it would probably be relevant later on. I personally found (and am currently using it here) this restaurant on Fave Pay (not paid by Fave in any which way), and you can get a 5% cashback for if you return to Fountain Cafe the next time.

An example: I pay RM40 for my meal via Fave Pay. They will put RM2 inside my Fave Pay wallet that I can use the next time I return to Fountain Cafe (can only be used here). I normally use this in combination with other deals of Fave Pay to get me discounts.

Another piece of advise would be that if you are in a rush, DON’T order the baked rice. It takes quite a while, and I only order it when I know I have time. Talking about more than 20 minutes wait. I personally like it, so sometimes I don’t really mind waiting.

Fountain Cafe Steamed Rice Bowl

What it Costs

Context for my meal here would be that I came here with my girlfriend, and I was both pretty hungry, knew the baked rice would take a long time to arrive and wanted to have two mains, so we had a total of 3 mains that we pretty much shared eating together.

The portions are by no means small, if that’s what you’re intepreting from my words above, it is just that I was pretty hungry on the day. The meal came up to RM57.95, and I had RM2.85 cashback into my Fave Pay account, and given I go back quite regularly, the meal is around RM55, or around RM18 per main (which if you break it down like this, is actually a little bit steep).

Not on the menu, but they DO serve warm water here, just tell them that you want it, and they will serve it (RM1 charge, if I’m not mistaken).

Fountain Cafe Baked Rice

How it Tastes

This is honestly a good place to go if you have really picky eaters. You can order dishes to share, their menu is extensive for mains for individuals, and it has a lot of snacks on the menu as well! The two that I personally ordered was one seafood baked rice and a chicken dish.

My girlfriend ordered one of those steamed rice bowls (but this is one of the less healthier variants of the rice bowls).

The food here is good. Honestly speaking, I’m pretty picky about baked rice, and I would say here serves one of the better ones, albeit with a long waiting time. The chicken dish (I can’t quite remember whether it was salted egg yolk) was absolutely delicious! Really enjoyed it, especially considering this is still one of the more budget restaurants in Aeon Bukit Indah.

Their rice bowls in general are pretty tasty as well. They have those with just the minced pork on top of steamed rice, so if you’re feeling a bit under the weather, THIS, along with Souper Tang would probably be really good choices for you to eat at.

Suitable For…

Giving it a chance. This restaurant is almost always empty whenever I pass it by. It makes decent food at an okay-ish price point, so I think this restaurant is definitely worth a try, because it does have a very extensive menu.

Star Rating

6.5/10. One of those that you can go and eat at from time to time, but obviously won’t become your favourite restaurant. The price point is decent, and it makes decent food, so I would say, do try it out (or at least go when you’re not feeling too well!).