Food Blog | Xing Ho Kuey Tiao Soup Gelang Patah

Got a craving for some seafood kwey teow soup in Gelang Patah? Look no further than Xing Ho Restaurant! It serves kwey teow soup at a fairly decent price point, making sure you come back for more the next time!

Restoran Xing Ho Gelang Patah

Is it Halal

This is a non-halal restaurant, as it serves dishes and sauces involving the use of pork lard.

Restoran Xing Ho Xuey Tiao Soup Gelang Patah

Where it Is

Xing Ho Restaurant is located in Gelang Patah, along a row of lots of shops. A bit difficult to describe where it is, but it is in the same square (but opposite corner) as GP 88, a popular hawker center in Gelang Patah.

Address: 24, Medan Nusa Perintis 8, Taman Nusa Perintis 2, 81550 Gelang Patah, Johor


Operating Hours:

Daily: 7am - 5pm (Thursdays closed)

Restoran Kuey Tiao Soup

What it Costs

A little bit more pricey than your average bowl of kuey tiao soup, but hey, this isn’t your (that) average kwey teow soup. Their small bowl is RM6.50, and their big bowl is RM9.50. They have other variants as well. I personally ordered a oyster kuey tiao, and there’s a seafood kuey tiao, even a tom yam soup variant (which is pretty darn spicy.

Overall, I would say this is in the averge price range considering what they are offering, but in general, their portions are big for what you’re paying.

How it Tastes

It is a pretty clean tasting kuey tiao soup. I personally really like the oysters in their oyster kuey tiao. I won’t go as far to say it tastes very fresh, but I do feel like taste of those oysters works really well inside a nice warm bowl of kuey tiao soup.

I feel it is quite meh, in the sense that it doesn’t really blow you away, but is probably more suited for being one of those places you come regularly for a budget lunch if you’re working/staying nearby.

Restoran Xing Ho Kuey Tiao Soup (Small)

Restoran Xing Ho Kuey Tiao Soup (Small)

Overall Rating

6.5/10. I think I’ve really said it all. More suited for you coming on a regular basis rather than a one-off. Is nice to have on a colder kind of day, but we don’t really get those in Malaysia XD.