Food Blog | 吐司屋 Toast House Eco Botanic

Today I’m sharing a restaurant in the Eco Botanic area! I tried out Toast House, hidden away in a little corner, and took a dive into the food they have. They offer kopitiam style food, and offer a cheaper option for people looking for a quick lunch in the Eco Botanic area.

Toast House Eko Botani

Is it Halal?

I will double check this in due time, but I do believe that this is a non-halal eatery. I believe there is some pork in the fried rice that I tried (I could be mistaken), but they have options such as nasi lemak and little sandwiches on their menu as well (if you don’t really need the halal certificate).

Toast House Eco Botanic Johor

Where it Is

It is on the same row as Korea Wallpaper, Rose Cottage and Eco Fitness (but far further up the row - in Eco Fitness Direction). Big landmark nearby would be EcoNest, which is an apartment popular for students from EduCity (NUMed, Southampton University, etc.).


Address: No.16 Jalan Eko Botani 3/2 Taman Eko Botani 79100 Iskandar Puteri Johor Bahru

Operating Hours:

Daily - 8am to 6pm

(But definitely DO check their Facebook page for breaks - as I feel as though they have quite a few special days off).

Toast Box Honey Lemon

What it Costs

Today I got 2 main dishes (1 eating there and 1 takeaway) and an iced honey lemon drink. My total came up to RM20.70, and I think it’s fairly worth it for 2 meals worth of food. I had a yang chow fried rice (RM8.90) and a nasi lemak with fried chicken (RM7.90) - I might have remembered the prices as being the wrong way around, but they are correct in numbers - and the honey lemon tea was RM3.90.

Portion-wise, I think I would say it is fairly worth it.

As usual, they have the option to pay with FavePay as well, so you can use that to pay here and get that cashback (you can use the referral code I19YC to get RM5 of cashback on any of the restaurants on the app). 5% cashback if you eat here :).

Toast House Fried Rice

How it Tastes

Definitely what I would describe as a very decent meal for me. The fried rice I would say is not as fragrant as perhaps some other yang chow fried rice dishes that I have tasted, but it definitely still tastes pretty yum. The spam (?) really brings out the dish, and it is definitely fried off really well as a whole.

I feel I can’t fully judge the nasi lemak as a whole - simply because they didn’t actually have the nasi lemak rice today, offering me plain white rice instead - but I would say it is still a winner. The fried chicken is actually really tasty (even after a few hours in the fridge) and the curry is actually REALLY delicious. One of the better curries I have tasted for sure.

My only comment about the nasi lemak would be - and it could be a small mistake made by the staff - would be the lack of the vegetables. Sometimes you can find cucumber or something like that, but basically what you have in their iteration is rice, fried chicken, anchovies, peanuts, curry and that sambal.

This is one of the places where I will actually compliment the service. Staff here are really attentive and respond very quickly to requests. They even offered additional sauce for both of my main dishes! Curry for the nasi lemak is actually a complimentary add-on, and they also offered a sambal for the fried rice, so definitely big ups to them!

Excuse my personal presentation - I had this for takeaway XD

Excuse my personal presentation - I had this for takeaway XD

Star Rating

6.5/10. Tasty food for a quick lunch. Kind of in the similar ball park - but definitely I would put higher - as Old Town Kopitiam in terms of menu, but definitely a good option for the expensive area that is Eco Botanic.

Ps. I apologise for not reviewing the toast at toast house. XD