Food Blog | Toast & Toast Eco Botanic

I’ve already talked about Toast House in Eco Botanic, but today I’ll be talking about Toast n Toast Eco Botanic! This is yet another one of those Old Town Kopitiam style shops serving up toast, as well as main courses on their menu.

Toast n Toast Eco Botanic

Is it Halal?

I believe that all the other Toast & Toast restaurants are halal certified, so I personally assume that this one is, or at least in the process of getting the certification as well.

Where it Is?

Toast & Toast is located in Eco Botanic, in the square surrounding the apartment (tall building) Eco Nest. What you want to do is find the MAIN ENTRANCE of Eco Botanic and go along the row parallel to it (including shops like Chat In and Good China Taste), and towards the end, you’ll see Toast n Toast.

Address: No 5, Jalan Eco Botani 3/5, Taman Eco Botani, 79100 Iskandar Puteri, Johor.


Operating Hours

I’m not personally 100% clear about this, but I do believe that they open from 8am to 6pm daily.

Toast n Toast Nasi Lemak

What it Costs

I went there with my girlfriend, and we got 2 mains, a toast and a drink to share. We had a curry chicken rice, a nasi lemak and a kaya toast coupled with 2 drinks.

Our total came out to be RM34, with the breakdown being roughly RM14 for the mains and RM6 for the rest of it (can’t quite recall, but ultimately our bill came to RM34). So we’re talking about RM17 for a meal per person (with drinks) if you want to add on toast, or maybe around RM14 without - which I would say is on the pricier side for this kind of a meal, but still a relatively cheap option for the area.

Toast n Toast Curry Chicken

How it Tastes

I personally had one of their more popular dishes, the santan-less curry chicken rice. For me, I think that they actually have a really nice sauce for that curry. But, I almost WISH they used santan for the curry! I don’t believe there is an option on the menu for the curry chicken to be made with santan, but oh well. This is still a pretty nice dish, and definitely something that more healthy folk will probably enjoy eating - given it has that curry taste without the jelat-nature of the santan.

My girlfriend took more of the nasi lemak, and I guess it was okay-ish. This is one of the more ‘pure fat’ style of nasi lemak - in the sense that the bulk of this meal filling you up will be the rice itself, your usual suspects in the ikan bilis, nuts, sambal and egg. You also have that small little piece of otak-otak which I guess makes this a more unique nasi lemak. The rice is pretty fragrant, but the piece of otak-otak is pretty small and almost sad, and I would say doesn’t taste too great.

The toast tastes like pretty much toast that you can get anywhere else. I would say that there is nothing too special about it, but there isn’t anything bad I can say about it either.

Toast n Toast Kaya Toast Eco Botanic

Suitable For…

More for quick meals if you don’t really want to think about cooking, or just for a quick convenient meal. I can’t imagine any other reason why you could possibly really want to eat here.

Star Rating

5.5/10. I would say this is definitely quite a bit more expensive that its counterpart in Toast House (right behind), and I feel as though I definitely liked the food better there, so I personally recommend that as a better option. That’s not saying that this is bad, just that my PERSONAL PREFERENCE would be to eat at Toast House.